Gun Sage – February 2012 Update

Since this will be my first post on this blog, go here to check out the story, general synopsis, etc. Gun Sage is an idea for a game I came up with about 20 years ago. Originally it was just an RPG with guns. It’s blossomed into a collective of ideas that revolve around post-apocalypse, revolution, real time strategy and resource management in the context of a traditional RPG, militia development and management, interrogation tactics (from both sides of the equation), a complex skill upgrade system, a psychology system that interweaves the plot and changes according to your actions, and deeply seeded martial arts and gun man philosophies.

Problem: I don’t have enough game development, art design, or programming experience to make of all that happen. Yet. So far I’ve been experimenting with the various RPG Maker engines to find something I like and RPG Maker XP seems to be the one that most closely models what I can use and modify to my whim, though many aspects will come up short for now.

For this iteration of Gun Sage, I plan on making everything have a 16 bit look and feel. While I realize this doesn’t necessarily coincide with my original vision, this is ideal for RPG Maker and will actually enhance the experience by having everything be of the same ilk rather than trying to grab all kinds of resources from all kinds of generations of media. That way, it’s not a disjointed mess.

So far there’s been very little development progress since the last computer crash. I have a title screen…sort of. I’ve ripped a few sprites for use for enemies and such, but I don’t have anything for the heroes and so far have mostly the default run time package, which has been heavily criticized by the RPG Maker community. I have been researching every single track from every single SNES game, English, Japanese, or otherwise.

So far I have 444 ripped SNES game OSTs hand picked for possible usage in Gun Sage. I’ve also decided most of what I want to be used in Chapter 1. Plot-wise, I’ve only mildly written it out for the first chapter. I have the basic plot down, but I want to focus more on the different choices you can make, how it will affect your character, and various additional side quests.

I already have it set up to where, depending on how you handled a bully situation early in the game, you automatically head to different dungeons when the invasion starts as well as acquire different allies. I’ve also stumbled across a few resource sites, but I need to find more so that my mapping, battle effect, and field effect sprites are ready to go. This plus my inept mapping skills have stalled progress as far as developing an actual playable product.

Music-wise, conceptually, and basic plot-wise, the first chapter is done and I’m ready to start working on the second chapter, but as far as playable content, there is little more than the title screen currently. And that’s about it for this update.

Official RPG RPG Revolution Page for Gun Sage
Gun Sage’s Current Soundtrack

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