Brawler of the Year – 1995

This was a slow and therefore REALLY easy year to choose for brawlers.

Guardians / Denjin Makai 2 (Arcade)

Couldn’t find a pic of the authentic arcade cabinet. Sorry.

Guardians is a good game, but it’s not great. Not only was this a slow year, it was also mediocre. You’d think a year with a game like Golden Axe 3 would be good, but you’d be wrong. Guardians wins sheerly because it’s NOT mediocre and has decent production values all around, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Sadly, this year is just a sign of things to come.

Runner Ups

If you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you may be disagreeing with me on this one. Otherwise, the choice is pretty obvious and I really can’t recommend the rest of these titles unless you are a DIEHARD FAN of them. Bottom line: this was not a good year for brawlers.

Cutthroat Island (SNES)
Golden Axe 3 (Genesis)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Movie (SNES)
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Arcade)
Spider-Man & Venom – Separation Anxiety (SNES)

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