These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things – Episode 3

You know the drill. This is not spoiler free. Some content within are MAJOR spoilers that might occur toward the end of a particular game or open it up entirely. If you see a game you’ve played, but not very much, or a game you’d be interested in playing, BACK OUT AND DON’T LOOK BACK. You’ve been warned.

Lost Odyssey – Kaim Finally Finds His Daughter, Loses Her Forever

Lost Odyssey is a very slow game. In fact, there were several times in the first disc I had to just put it down and walk away, especially since the difficulty could get pretty punishing at times…then I got this scene toward the end of the first disc. THEN I COULDN’T FUCKING PUT IT DOWN FOR A WEEK. Lost Odyssey has several tearful scenes, but very few touched me like this (unless you count the Thousand Years of Dreams, which holy shit are depressing and sad to go through).

Sure, the crying effects are pretty terrible, but holy damn was this enough to keep me motivated to see what happens next. I think the major problem with the game is not enough character development happens on the first disc and since the game is super slow, it gets boring. But if you’re determined enough to make it to this scene, you won’t be able to put it down either.

Parasite Eve 2 – It’s Happening Again

The main reason I’m putting this before the original PE is because I didn’t feel the second hit me as hard as the original. I suppose it could be because the original was so awesome and it was hard to live up to, but I think it’s more the style of game and how things were handled. Even still, the opening sequences, the rolling FMV (it follows you), the initial almost Die Hard-like standoff with the creatures, explosions, mutants and mutations…the whole nine yards here is what helps really define PE2…and holy shit is it marvelous.

Silent Hill – Opening Until Passing Out

I don’t even have to explain anything. Just watch. This game was and still is amazing. Easily one of my top five survival horror games.

Silent Hill 2 – Flashlight Get Then WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

You know, there are a lot of great scenes in the Silent Hill games, but this is one of the very few that made me actually jump. It starts at about 10:20. Basically you’re wandering around in these abandoned apartments and you don’t have your flashlight, so much like a Metroid powerup, you find it eventually, pick it up, then GET THE SHIT SCARED OUT OF YOU AS SOON AS YOU DO SO.

I mean, sure, I guess I should’ve seen it coming, but especially with the new lighting effects and everything, it absolutely scared the shit out of me when it happened.

Parasite Eve – The Most Boring Opera Ever Becomes The Most Metal Opera Ever In Seconds

Not sure what’s wrong with some of the music here (probably being recorded off of a shitty emulator), but I absolutely love the setup here. I mean, you know shit’s about to go down, but how? Is there going to be a shooting? Are people going to suddenly turn into mutants? No, the main actress is going to SUDDENLY LIGHT A SHITLOAD OF PEOPLE ON FIRE. The best part is this becomes a running theme as Eve mysteriously starts transforming more and more, mutating various animals and such.


I thought I would touch on more survival horror games this time, then it dawned on me that even my favorites often don’t have particular scenes so much as just being awesome all around. Not sure what I’ll touch on next time, but it was definitely very fun to do. Stay tuned!

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