Another Game Idea – Hobo Quest

Yes, that is the current title screen

In most games you are but a mere squire/drunkard/farmer/loser thrust into a quest to save the world/princess/kingdom/country and thereby become the champion of the world or some such shit. Problem is…why can’t you just be a nobody? Or rather, why can’t you be what civilized society deems unacceptable? What greater freedom is there than to simply be a crazy hobo?

And thus enters my idea: you live as a crazy hobo with a semi-unknown past and live out your days doing equally crazy and over the top things such as petty theft, substance abuse, fighting for food, eating rats, dumpster diving, getting into shopping cart battles, hitchhiking, breaking and entering, begging for money, threatening for money, degrading yourself for money, and plenty more.

Before my computer crashed this last time, I actually started working on several facets of this game, but let me walk you through the intro and first area “super early beta way to goddamn early to be releasing this” version. The game starts up with you crawling out of your cardboard box in your own personal alley known as 7th Alley (yes a vague FF7 reference, shut up) and stretching as the morning sun glistens across your greasy, dirty body.

VERY old screenshot

You begin writing in your diary (hey why not) and reminiscing briefly about the past. In this opening, you actually get to describe a few interesting tidbits about your past that are multiple choice determined by the player that better help shape your character and some of his various motivations. After this you put away the diary and set off…only to trip over some bottles and ENGAGE IN AN EPIC BATTLE FOR VENGEANCE AGAINST THE EVIL TRIPPING BOTTLES OF DESTRUCTION.

After showing those bottles who is boss, you somehow accidentally set the alley on fire. So your first quest begins: redemption for your box. Naturally, this isn’t really a quest. Bottles never really come up again, they didn’t kill your family or whatever…it’s merely a catalyst to propel you into the game. At any time you can spend your hard-earned change (yes the currency within the game is change) to renovate 7th Alley to your whim which, literally within just a few renovations, is automatically better than anything you already had, opting for the ability to have windows (which you punch out of the box) and even having larger boxes (including the much coveted refrigerator box).

You level up just like in a standard RPG, but it mostly serves for very subtle stat increases and little else. Abilities, major stat increases, shortcuts, and much more are unlocked simply by participating in quests and earning hobo trophies, which are effectively achievements. Initially, I wanted to release the core game once I had at least 100 missions and 10 areas available, not including “alternate realities,” which are unlocked by deliberately overdosing on a vice such as drugs, alcohol, sex, blind rage, and much more.


Also available is the ability to collect junk and forge various things together to create insane hobo weapons, which aren’t very effective in the real world, but are incredibly effective in alternate realities. You can also sleep anywhere to pass time, but may opt not to in certain areas because it may take longer to recover, you could get attacked, you could get stolen from, you could land in jail, or you could even be run over.

Not to worry, though. Dying is not an option as you’ll always be magically teleported back to 7th Alley fully recovered…but with half of your change. There is the option to bank your money at your base, but as the game progresses, various ne’er-do-wells begin to wise up to this and attempt to sabotage you, meaning you have to beef up defenses, hire allies, and much more.

I also wanted to go beyond RPG Maker’s initial stats and create several custom stats that would depict many skills necessary to be a successful hobo, such as various conversational skills, performance skills, theft skills, basic brawling skills, and so on. Yes, I have thought about this quite a bit and for many reasons. Usually when I come up with a game idea nowadays, it’s something that makes me chuckle, but then I usually don’t write it down; I just kinda let it go.

Our champion, ladies and gentlemen

This, Gun Sage, and a few other titles are about the only game ideas I think about anymore nowadays. It’s especially sad when you consider I used to come up with at least one new idea a day when I was young and these days you couldn’t pay me to come up with that kind of spark. Honestly, it’s something I want to start working on again soon, so if you have any ideas, would like to help, or in general want to be kept up to date about this, let me know.

That’s about it for now. I just kinda wanted to share this idea because personally I think it could be something big. 100 missions is enough to get started, but I’d really love to see it at more like 1000 and potentially 50 different areas to go through. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens! Thanks for the read.

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