The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 2

Yup, I decided to do another. This time I decided to throw in only games that I would recommend, but I’m thinking if I do another that I might have to throw in games that I seriously would not recommend to anybody ever. All the same, let’s think positive!


Current selling price: $19.99

While it is true that I would probably be enjoying RAGE more if my system was a little bit better and there is quite a lot to enjoy as far as RAGE is concerned, it really could be better. The core concept of RAGE feels eerily similar to that of Borderlands, but with a sort of post-apocalyptic take, which really, if you’d only seen screenshots and vids of Borderlands, you’d believe it was post-apoc too.

As far as I can tell, RAGE is both better and worse than Borderlands all at the same time. How so? First off, it takes itself WAY too seriously. With how many post-apoc/end times games we have floating around, it’s getting done to death. Granted, with id Software that’s about 95% of what they do, but that’s besides the point.

Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be any co-op. Multiplayer, sure, but not co-op as far as I can tell and certainly not to the point of Borderlands. No, it really feels more like a take on Fallout than Borderlands, but with a very Borderlands feel…minus all the humor that makes Borderlands great. Viscerally and presentation-wise it’s very nice, but it may not be for everyone as a result.

Ys Origin

Current selling price: $19.99

I’m a sucker for pretty much anything with Ys tacked onto it. Ys Origin is a prequel of sorts to the original Book of Ys. It’s pretty fun, has the new Ys engine going for it, and has a lot of really interesting concepts, but is highly repetitive. See, the idea is this is the original Tower of Darm or whatever from the original Ys and as a result it’s built to be an ever-escalating labyrinth.

Now sure, they throw in a lot of great story, puzzle, and platforming elements surrounding a tough difficulty, as is present in every Ys game since the dawn of time, but the point is there’s a lot of backtracking, necessary grinding, and a lot of the areas look the same. Sure, as you proceed up the tower, they try to lighten it up by having different themes for the levels, but…it still feels highly repetitive.

Maybe this is just a minor point that I’m blowing out of proportion. I mean games like Diablo and Torchlight do this again and again and again and I don’t seem to mind those…so maybe it’s just that I expected there to be more because this is Ys we’re talking about. More than likely that’s it. In any case, if you’re a fan of the series and/or you enjoy a good action/RPG/hack n slash romp, this is right up your alley.

Dead Island

Current selling price: $19.99

Dead Island ALSO reminds me of Borderlands, but purely from the angle of loot drops, leveling up, and an open world interface. If RAGE is like Doom spliced with Borderlands, then Dead Island is like Left 4 Dead spliced with Borderlands. It is surrounded by a survival aspect, but not so much because, much like Borderlands, death is purely temporary and provides minor setbacks at best.

The good news is there’s plenty to see and do, there’s drop in/drop out co-op, there’s all kinds of loot, you can repair/modify/build custom weapons, and so much more…but the bad news is it feels like a crappy version of Borderlands that’s entirely surrounded by zombies. There’s a pretty strong emphasis on crap, too. The game can be brilliant at times and seriously lacking of quality it others.

Overall, it can be a very mixed bag. I can’t say it’s a BAD game because it isn’t, but at times it doesn’t feel like a very good game either. It would definitely be more fun to play with friends, but I don’t think anyone on my friends list has it sadly. If you’re not bummed out from the oversaturation of zombie games and you’re looking for something along the lines of Borderlands but with zombies…AND you have friends that have it too…well, go nuts.

Diamond Dan

Current selling price: $9.99

These days I’m kinda picky about puzzle games. This is strange too, because when I find a puzzle game I really like, I tend to stick with it. Diamond Dan is best described as an action/platformer/puzzle game that also has a strong point gathering element with lots of risk/reward elements as well. It’s a fun, but quickly difficult title, especially farther into the game and difficulty settings.

The biggest frustrations from Diamond Dan come from the fact that the labyrinth is constantly changing. Well, that and the way the game determines your bonuses is specifically by engaging and avoiding traps. So in other words, if you trigger an arrow trap, but manage to dodge it, you rack up a multiplier. After the multiplier is in effect, you should try to grab as much treasure as possible.

However, if you don’t hit a checkpoint and you get killed, you lose all that shit. So there’s definitive risk/reward at play, you constantly have to pay attention to your surroundings, and you can very easily get walled in if you’re not careful. It can be pretty frustrating, but overall Diamond Dan is a worthy addition to any puzzle gamer’s collection.

Depths of Peril

Current selling price: $14.99

So imagine if the original Diablo was both competitive and timed. That’s Depths of Peril. Granted, saying that alone doesn’t do it justice, but that’s what it is per face value. You represent a leader of a barbarian clan and, throughout the course of a single game, will recruit new members, fulfill quests, defeat or ally with other barbarian clans, establish trade routes, explore, and far more until the game is “won,” which occurs when all remaining clans are established allies or when only one clan remains.

If there were any three things I would complain about in the game it would be things not being explained very well, awkward graphics and animation, and it can be a little too fast-paced at times. See, establishing trade routes and alliances SHOULD be simple, but often the different values of trading are unclear and the computer will often reject anything you throw at it until the computer itself actually makes an offer to you.

The graphics are a minor complaint really, but it does look awkward as fuck at times. As far as the overall game speed, well, keep in mind that you’re basically playing Diablo, but also managing an RTS with various sim elements at play. There’s so much to keep track of all at once that it’s often overbearing. All the same, it’s still a very fun and cheap title that’s well worth checking out.


So again, if I decide to do another, it will probably be surrounding the most negative titles on Steam that I got tricked into buying or simply came with other titles that are so much better. Till then, thanks for the read!


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