The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 6

This time around I’m going fairly random. Yeah, there’s really no major relationship between any of these titles, so this intro text is kinda worthless. In fact, if anything, it’s filler space. I feel obligated to put at least SOMETHING up here though, otherwise, I mean, come on, how would I introduce this article? And with that, we have our first paragraph! Hooray!

Shoot Many Robots

Current selling price: $9.99

Upon initial inspection, Shoot Many Robots, both in name and description, seems like your standard, run of the mill run and gun shooter. Well, it’s not Contra, but I will say this: you level up, constantly update your character’s layout, build up multipliers for bonus nuts (the game’s currency), and fight all kinds of wacky robotic adversaries.

Not only that, you can also bust it up in co-op, constantly replay levels for higher ranks, and the achievements are pretty well thought out, too. Nevermind that the guns and all kinds of customization stuff is just plain off the wall and silly as fuck. This is a game that’s just as fun to play alone as it is with friends…and for only $10? You could do a lot worse, trust me.


Current selling price: $14.99

At first Bastion appears to be something sorta like Torchlight, but with a different visual flare. This isn’t entirely incorrect, but it operates more like a straightforward action/adventure with minor RPG elements on the side. There are a bunch of weapon types and upgrades, the world expands and collapses as you traverse it, and the enemies can be quite brutal in packs.

Overall, it’s a fun, interesting, and fast-paced action/RPG hybrid that begs your attention. Some people may think $15 is a bit much, but honestly with the visual flair, interesting narrative, and overall intrigue, I’d say you could do much worse.

Blackwell Bundle

Current selling price: $19.99

Wadjeteye Games is the next big up and comer when it comes to modern adventure gaming and it truly shows. While each individual episode of the Blackwell games isn’t that long, they are incredibly deep, have great writing, and interesting concepts all around. The basic story, regardless of which one you’re playing, is you belong to a family of mediums and your ever-present spectral partner in crime is there to back you up.

Often you have to seek out spirits that are having difficulty coming to terms with death and need assistance in passing on. The characters, writing, artwork, and even voice acting make these titles shine in a way that really makes you nostalgic for older, more contemporary adventure games. Wadjeteye is definitely a company to watch and for only $20, you get all 4 Blackwell titles…that’s a steal.

Dream Machine

Current selling price: $14.99

Claymation is something that’s always fascinated me. In a world of computer animation, we’ve pretty much left behind this relic of animation history. Lo and behold Dream Machine, an adventure game with claymation characters and environments built with only clay and cardboard. The story’s not half bad either.

I really can’t speak much on the story either because I don’t know much of it, but what I do know is already spoiler worthy. Effectively it’s a story about the power of dreams, consciousness, etc. All in all, it’s very interesting and while the puzzles can be obscure at times, it’s still a fun adventure gaming romp all around. For $15, you get 5 episodes as they’re released, which is quite a bargain.

Overlord Complete Pack

Current selling price: $19.99

So what is it about the Overlord series that’s so interesting? Well firstly, there are very subtle, but interesting RPG elements. Yeah, there’s the usual stuff like finding upgrades, but you can also sacrifice minions to make more powerful equipment. You also have the ability to completely remodel your fortress from the ground up, get maidens, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Nevermind that the games are hilarious. Everything from the minions to the townsfolk to the corrupted heroes to the “good guys”…just plain funny. It’s almost like Warioland, except medieval, and less about platforming. Really, the only way the games fail is in the fact that they doesn’t do RTS very well. Even still, they’re very fun and at only $20 for the original plus the expansion pack AND the full sequel…that’s an incredible value.


So that was number six! I’m not sure if I’ll do any others. I mean, sure, it’s fun and easy to put these together, but it doesn’t give a whole lot of individual attention to each game. It’s great for a quick look, but not so great if you want more info. I don’t know…we’ll just have to see, I suppose. All the same, thanks for the read!

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