The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 7

Ya, another random assortment. It started out with me wanting to tackle all adventure games, but sadly I don’t really have that many left. And no, this isn’t some calling to arms for making adventure games (though I totally wouldn’t complain if it ended up forcing more out as a result), but I at least wanted to give you guys more of an idea of what’s available on steam.

Back to the Future – The Game

Current selling price: $24.99

Telltale has certainly gotten better at what they claim to be worthy of your money in that they’ve stuffed more and more high quality content in each episode of their various adventure mini-series as possible and none a better example than Back to the Future. Not only is the main voice actor for Marty McFly spot on, but they even get Christopher Lloyd to completely reprise his role as Doc Brown and even manage to rope in Michael J. Fox for a surprise appearance in the last episode!

Truly they pulled out all the stops for this one. The episodes are well thought out, have lots of twists, good puzzles, and all kinds of stuff. Now yes, being that it has to do with time travel there are a lot of weird paradoxes going on and some of the puzzles are borderline uncanny, but for the most part its not impossible and it’s actually very fun. For what amounts to $5 an episode, you just can’t beat that.

Time Gentlemen, Please! (+ Ben There, Dan That!)

Current selling price: $4.99

…or can you?! Sure, the graphical quality isn’t nearly as good, but for a mere $5, you get both the first and second episodes of this hilarious Britain made indie adventure spanning time, space, and spanners! Wow, that was a horrible pun! In any case, both of these games are hilarious, chock full of equally hilarious puzzles, and definitely worth your time.

I mean, come on, there’s time travel, dimensional travel, weird alien technology, paradoxes, dinosaurs, Hitler, betrayal, sabotage, cavemen, drunkards, accidental death and dismemberment, robots, mechs, zombies, graveyards, churches, and all kinds of zaniness to keep you going. Even well after you’ve beaten them, they won’t be titles you’ll easily forget!

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Current selling price: $29.99

Which brings us to a fine example of how to absolutely blow your money. While the Strong Bad games are just a hair above the production values of the Sam & Max titles (and we’re talking a very thin hair here), you pretty much have to be a diehard fan of Homestar Runner to truly appreciate all the in-jokes, gags, and ridiculously stunted length of each episode.

For starters, much like in the Sam & Max games, there’s too much back and forth. There are a grand total of maybe 30 rooms spanned across 5 episodes. Now…I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem to get my money’s worth, especially when a lot of them are repeats. Sure, the characters are all there and they’re done nicely with all kinds of great dialogue and situations, but I can’t help but feel like $30 is just way too much.


Current selling price: $9.99

Look, if you liked the idea of BIT.TRIP BEAT, a very simple, but constantly building version of Pong with a musical theme to it, there is absolutely no reason to not check out BIT.TRIP RUNNER. Now it IS a whole hell of a lot harder. Anytime you mess up, you’re booted back to the beginning of the stage. And sure, you can miss gold and powerups and be okay, but for the most part you really don’t want to do that.

This is a very fun, but ridiculously challenging game. If you don’t have a lot of patience, you’ll still enjoy it, but will more than likely, like me, have to play it in very, VERY short bursts. The best way I can describe it is it’s like an incredibly hard version of Mario where you have little control over the speed of the game and instead have to rely on muscle memory to get you through each stage.


Current selling price: $9.99

I’m a sucker for hacking games, but there’s one stipulation to this: it has to be Hollywood style. I’m not a fan of sitting down and trying to figure out how to ACTUALLY hack something. It’s just boring to me. Lo and behold Uplink, a game that provides a “futuristic” hacking experience where you identify a target based on a contract, then proceed to exploit weaknesses and tear down defenses so you can either steal or destroy data, gain access to private information, promote or ruin someone’s life, or any combination thereof.

Along the way you’ll learn advanced hacking techniques such as advanced ciphers, voice encryption, infiltrating LANs, and all kinds of great stuff. You’ll also constantly upgrade your workstation to have all kinds of security as well as updated hardware and software. It should also be noted that the link provided includes Darwinia at absolutely no additional cost. If that doesn’t sell you on this, I don’t know what will!


What more can be said? Even though the weakest of these titles was the Strong Bad game, it was still very fun. Steam is a wonderful playground chock full of all kinds of great titles. Actually, so much so that it’s actually hard for me to find games I consider bad. Of course, that could also be because I’m not in the habit of buying bad games…and what bad games I might have I certainly don’t have installed.

Stay tuned!

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