The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 8

Ayup, another random collection of stuff. For this roundup we have a wannabe that actually works quite well, a puzzle game that references new gen puzzles, two unfortunate titles, and two kickass titles that I’m truly surprised I didn’t mention as early as the original Steam Roundup. Could’ve been that I wanted to give them full page reviews, but ehh. Let’s go!

Wonderful End of the World

Current selling price: $9.99

So effectively this is Katamari Damacy with a few very slight twists. Firstly, you’re not rolling a ball. Nah, you’re like a wire frame man or whatever that bumps into stuff and picks it up. Second…well, no, I guess that’s about it. It’s indie, so it’s very bare bones, but it loads quickly, has no slowdown whatsoever, and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap!

Another nice thing about this title is the variety of levels. In previous Katamari games you were constantly returning to levels, doing odd random tasks, or having to pretty much be told where to go next. The worlds here all have a nice medium size to them with roughly the same time limit and constraints, forcing you to really look to figure out where to go next. Very fun stuff and for only $10, that’s a definite bargain.


Current selling price: $14.99

Water physics puzzles have been a fad since Half-Life 2 (and possibly earlier than that even), so it’s no surprise that there would be several different games made surrounding strictly the manipulation of water. This one’s made a little more interesting in that not only are there elements and machines driven by the manipulation of water, but also sentient beings that have their own AI that can be thrust into the equation.

While it won’t be for everyone, especially at the initial price, this puzzler won’t leave you hanging. There’s all kinds of content such as upgrades, bonus puzzles, beautifully crafted environments, genuinely challenging puzzles, lots of platforming, and an interesting story overall. Honestly, I’d thought we’d done everything we could as far as water puzzles had gone, but this has taken it to a new level.

Hack Slash Loot

Current selling price: $6.99

I’m a sucker for dungeon crawling roguelikes normally, but I’m going to have to be a little more careful because every so often you’ll pick up something like this. Oh, it’s not that it isn’t somehow what I was expecting, rather, it’s that it’s just way too fucking difficult. Seriously, the only time I’ve actually made progress is with an archer and only through a long line of sheer luck…and even THEN I didn’t beat the dungeon I was working on.

If you don’t like roguelikes that rely more on luck than skill to constantly progress through a level AND have permadeath, you may want to steer clear of this one and instead go for Dungeons of Dredmor, which I sternly believe is the BEST roguelike I’ve played in years. Still, if you’re a glutton for punishment and Dredmor isn’t cutting it for you, go nuts. You could certainly do a lot worse for $7.

Hacker Evolution Duality

Current selling price: $19.99

As I said in the last Steam Roundup, I’m a sucker for hacking games, yet another reason I swooped this one up when it was on sale…and have constantly regretted it. The worst part is there’s nothing inherently wrong that this game does other than just being derivative and generic. It tries to accomplish what Uplink did and with an admittedly better interface…but just comes off as uninteresting and kinda boring.

I mean, I’m not even sure exactly how else to put it. You’re doing the same thing over and over again, which is what you’re doing in most hacking games, but this one doesn’t seem to be as lively or interesting as other hacking games, so…yeah. I guess it’s hard to explain exactly WHAT is wrong with it, but…again, for $20…I’d say definitely pass unless it’s on sale.

Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death 7 Double Pack

Current selling price: $2.99

Why I haven’t mentioned these gems up to this point is beyond me. Breath of Death 7 and Cthulhu Saves the World should be in your possession RIGHT NOW by any means necessary. They are newschool takes on oldschool RPGs with lots of clever tweaking, great humor, in-jokes, parodies, and all kinds of fun stuff. Nevermind that, there’s also a lot of great stuff going on under the hood.

There are branching skillsets to be acquired through leveling up, all kinds of great and hilarious techniques, an extensive combo system, retries, level scaling, adjustable difficulty, plenty of bonus content, and even an interesting combat system that praises you for quick tactics and punishes you for taking too many turns. Very interesting stuff all around and for only $3!


Again, a lot of great stuff this time around…well, except for two of the titles. I’m starting to run outta content here, but hopefully I can keep this going at least for a little longer. I may have to start installing all the ridiculous stuff I have just so I can review it! Look forward to more of these soon and hopefully I can get back into the swing of general full page reviews again shortly.

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