The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 11

Yup, it’s been a while. That’s mostly because I got a new 360, but also because I hadn’t been playing much new on Steam. All the same, with nearly 300 games and counting, I figured I could squeeze in another one. Let’s get this started!

AstroPop Deluxe

Current Selling Price: $4.99

What is AstroPop? Well, effectively it’s a puzzle game with a space theme where you pick and put blocks in order to make combos. On top of that, there are super abilities where you fire a laser to take out a bunch of blocks in rapid succession. And yes, there are various power ups and yadda yadda. So why highlight this one?

Well ultimately it’s very, very addictive. I like how it’s set up in that it feels kinda like a vertical scrolling shooter, but it’s actually a puzzle game…and yet it still sort of operates like a shooter at the same time. There really isn’t a whole lot to say here as it’s just a puzzle game, but I’d say it’s more than worth the admission price with how fun it is and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

Current Selling Price: $3.99

CTHCC is effectively a life sim game that tries to be funny. Okay, it IS funny at times…but it’s not THAT funny. Basically you’re trying to start a comedy club and in order to do so you chat it up with various people you think would be good for the club, develop deeper relationships, and hopefully get them to join. Problem is you don’t really know that many people…nor do you know much of anything as far as conversational topics.

But never fear! You have the ability to read up on different subjects to gain a deeper understanding of them, then be able to chat about them more efficiently. Of course, not everyone likes to talk about everything, but you get the idea. That’s really the long and short of it. It’s not that complex, it is kinda funny at least, it really is something different from Capcom, and it’s cheap, so…yeah.

Dead Pixels

Current Selling Price: $1.99

So here’s one I think everyone can get behind. It’s a horizontal scrolling action RPG shooter roguelike with an 8-bit theme to it. Raid buildings, kill zombies, get upgrades, ration items…I mean, it really is a great zombie apocalypse survivor game. There are even multiple modes where you can do gauntlets, play co-op, and all kinds of stuff.

If there’s any one thing I could harp on the game for…well no, I can’t think of anything, actually. Granted, it only does the one thing, but it does it very, very well. It’s fun, has a good difficulty curve, adjustable difficulty as well…yeah, it really does have it all. I honestly can’t see not recommending this title for any reason.

Half Minute Hero – Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy

Current Selling Price: $5.99

This title is insane, but I don’t think it will appeal to everyone. Especially people who don’t like good games. There, I said it. Half Minute Hero was a hit for the PSP and now you can experience that same hit on the PC. You really have more than 30 seconds depending on how long you take in towns and whether or not you choose to switch back time (for a price).

But the idea is the same nonetheless: run through enemies as quick as possible to level up, solve the puzzles, and defeat the evil lord before time runs out. There are also leaderboards, equipment, allies, forked paths, and all kinds of wacky stuff. There are also multiple play modes such as evil lord, princess, knight, and all kinds of stuff to keep you going.

Mark of the Ninja

Current Selling Price: $11.24

If you know me well, you know I love a good stealth game. You also know that stealth in a game can make or break it for me, depending on how well it’s executed. This game really brings me back because not only does it incorporate good stealth and platforming mechanics, but it’s also one of the newest platform adventures I’ve ever played.

It’s stylish, has all kinds of great stealth mechanics, lots of distraction items, and it really does immerse you in such a way that you feel like a legit ninja by the end of it…especially because if you break stealth there’s a good chance you’re going to be fucked within seconds. It can be tough, but very, very rewarding. For those of us that simply cannot get enough stealth, this is a game that cannot be missed.


And that’s that. Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t jumped back into this sooner, what with the steam holiday sale going on and the fact that I have picked up more games since my last article. I’ll be sure to post more soon. Thanks for the read!

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