The Tales Series

I was first introduced to the Tales series via Tales of Destiny for the PS1. Much like with the Star Ocean series, I never quite understood why we missed the original, but the series in general has always fascinated me. The best way to think about the Tales series is as though it’s Namco’s version of Final Fantasy…except that there’s quite a bit different and far more interesting about it.

For starters, ever since its inception, the Tales games have NOT been turned based. Far from it as combat is full action with only minor delays in certain attacks which allows for combos and all kinds of special techniques to be cast at a moment’s notice. Effectively the series started as an action RPG that allows for side view combat and is very, very fun.

Sadly, there are still a bunch of Tales games that have never surfaced in America…and some that are really terrible that have. All the same, let’s hit all of them, in order, just like I did with the Megami Tensei series.

1995, SNES – Tales of Phantasia

Now yes, this game did eventually come to America in the form of a port to the GBA and I will be mentioning that momentarily, but for now I’d like to discuss the original and what got Namco their foot in the door of JRPGs. Now the thing about these games is I usually remember more about the technical aspects than the storyline, so I’ll be copying almost exclusively from Wikipedia regarding the plot, especially for the titles I actually haven’t played.

“Tales of Phantasia begins by showing a heroic battle between four unknown warriors against an evil sorcerer and king, Dhaos, the outcome of which changed the fate of the world. The warriors were victorious, but Dhaos escaped through time. However, four different heroes are awaiting him: they seal the weakened Dhaos away using the power of two pendants, thus returning peace to the world.”

“Twelve years after Dhaos had been sealed away, a young swordsman named Cress Albane (Also romanized ‘Cless Alvein’) and his best friend, Chester Burklight, live in the town of Toltus. One day, while Cress and Chester are out hunting in the forest, the town is destroyed by a dark knight named Mars and his soldiers. Every villager is killed in the attack, including Chester’s sister and both of Cress’s parents.”

“While Chester mourns, Cress vows for revenge. He decides he should flee to the town of Euclid, where his uncle lives; however, Chester refuses because he wants to stay behind and bury the dead first, and Cress finally decides to go by himself.” Regarding the battle system, ToP has sideview combat of course, but what’s also interesting is you have AI controlled allies and you can set up your own skills in the menu to operate by hitting either the B button by itself or the B button with the directional pad to unleash the skills you’ve set up.

You can also improve skills by using them and even learn new skills by doing so. ToP features a decent plot, amazing graphical effects, lots of voiceovers, and wonderful music. It really is an SNES classic. Now to talk about the HORRIBLE GBA port. It’s slow, drops in framerate constantly, the English voiceovers are terrible, a lot of the great graphical effects are lost in the port, many questionable design and aesthetic choices are abound, and in general it is one of the shittiest ports I’ve ever experienced.

And no, it doesn’t get any better as time goes on. Back when I was working security, I played this game on a constant, regular basis in my guard shack and got pretty damn far in the game…but eventually got tired of all the design issues and gave it up. I still need to go back and beat it on an SNES emulator. Trust me, this is one port you should absolutely pass up.

1998, PS1 – Tales of Destiny

“The story of the game begins when country-boy-turned-adventurer Stahn Aileron, who seeks fame and adventure, sneaks aboard the flying ship Draconis as a stowaway. He is found out by the crew and forced to work as a deckhand, but when a large hostile force attacks the ship, the crew is overwhelmed and Stahn breaks free during the ensuing chaos.”

“Looking for a usable weapon to fend off the attackers, he gains access to a storeroom and discovers a “junk” sword. However, the sword starts talking to him, calling itself Dymlos and claiming to be a sentient Swordian from the Aeth’er Wars. Armed with Dymlos, Stahn fights his way to an escape pod, which he uses to escape the rapidly descending ship before it crashes into the ground.”

“Dymlos becomes the key to the fame, fortune, and adventure Stahn seeks as the young man meets other Swordians, quickly becoming embroiled in a battle for a relic of the Aeth’er Wars: a huge, extremely powerful Lens called the Eye of Atamoni.” Obviously the game is given a fairly decent upgrade as far as graphics go and the music is fabulous as usual.

More emphasis is given on combos, but really, you don’t start seeing a lot of combo usage until the later Tales games. Beyond that, there really isn’t a whole lot different in this version in regards to the battle system. Apparently this also received a remake, which I’ve yet to check out. All the same, this original version is pretty badass, so I might check out the remake, but even if it doesn’t pan out, doesn’t matter that much.

20??, Mobile – Tales of Mobile

Details regarding release dates are scarce, but apparently in Japan there are a shit ton of different Tales games on mobile phones. The best part is there are all kinds of different types from virtual pets to tactics based stuff to action RPGs and all kinds of neat stuff. Again, Japan only, but it’s pretty cool all the same.

2000, GBC – Tales of Phantasia – Narikiri Dungeon

“The story begins when what appears to be a shooting star lands in the mountains. The narrator describes the player (referred to in second person) finding a pair of twin babies in the light and becoming their adoptive parent. By default, the boy is named Dio (ディオ?), and the girl is named Mel (メル?). The story skips ahead thirteen years to 4408 by the Aselia Calendar (The narration notes that Dio is energetic, Mel is level-headed, and both of them are mysteriously powerful).”

“Dio enters with a strange creature that followed him home from the mountains. He and Mel decide to keep it as a pet and name it Kruelle (クルール?) based on the sound it makes (“krr”). Kruelle begins as a green bipedal creature who is roughly waist-high, but it is actually a shape-shifter whose forms change based on its power and mood. Mel and Dio start to go about their day as normal when they are suddenly visited by a winged woman who introduces herself as Norn and says that the two of them have a doomed destiny.”

“With little else in the way of explanation, she sends them to meet Arche, the only surviving time warrior made famous by the events in Tales of Phantasia.” Aaaaaand I’m going to stop it right there. There are seriously 8 paragraphs or so in the synopsis and you can take your own time to find it on Wiki if you absolutely care. Another Japan only title I didn’t know even existed, but it definitely looks interesting.

2001, PS1 – Tales of Eternia

“The game follows Reid Hershel as he tries to prevent the Grand Fall, a cataclysmic event that would destroy his planet along with that of newly-found traveling companion Meredy. Specifically, the Grand Fall entails the violent collision of twin planets Inferia and Celestia. The two planets, face one another, separated by the Orbus Barrier.”

“Interaction between the two planets has been infrequent over the last few centuries despite their proximity; the Bridge of Light linked Inferia and Celestia in the distant past, but the link has been severed for an extensive period of time. The Aurora War, an ancient conflict that set Inferia against Celestia over two thousand years ago, continues to generate persistent mistrust between the two groups.”

“The Orbus Barrier has shown recent signs of weakening and possible collapse due to the actions of an unknown external force. The journey takes Reid across both planets, as he seeks out those responsible for this movement towards the brink of annihilation.” What I really like about this one is it adds quite a bit to the series.

For starters, the graphics are less chibi and it concentrates on trying to “grow up” the series a bit as a result. There’s also a cooking system where you can cook stuff after combat to recover. You also get better at cooking different stuff over time as well. There’s an extensive combo engine and you can equip multiple types of weapons.

Furthermore, fighting a certain way will emphasize stabbing or slashing, which also gets better over time and helps to develop as well as realize different skills. Honestly, this is one of the finer (and more sought after) Tales games. Also keep in mind that in America it’s called Tales of Destiny 2, which is a bit confusing because there’s also a Tales of Destiny 2 for the PS2…so yeah.

2002, PS2 – Tales of Destiny 2

“The game begins with Kyle, son of the hero of the previous game, setting off on a quest to save the orphanage that his parents operate from financial ruin. During his quest, he finds a giant Lens; from the Lens emerges a mysterious girl named Reala, who claims to be in search of a hero. Believing it his duty to become the kind of hero his parents were, he follows Reala to prove himself as the hero she seeks.”

“Partway through the game, a large quantity of Lens is stolen from the king’s treasury by the holy maiden Elraine; throughout the game, Elraine has been accumulating power and influence by claiming to be able to solve the world’s problems through magical means, using the Lens. As Kyle pursues Elraine, she captures Reala. After Kyle defeats Elraine and rescues Reala, she realizes that Kyle is the hero that she has been seeking.”

“Kyle proceeds to destroy the Draconis, the war ship used to steal the Lens from the King. However, the Lens was still in the Draconis when it was destroyed; the destruction of the Lens causes a temporal rift to appear, sending Kyle and Reala to an alternate timeline.” I haven’t played this one and I’ve desperately wanted to, but I’ve heard mixed things about it.

2002, GBA – Tales of the World – Narikiri Dungeon 2

Aaaaaand no plot synopsis. Fabulous. What can I say? It’s a Japan only title that looks fun, but that’s really all I can speculate, especially since I’d never heard of it up until now. It’s a cosplay RPG, which is a bit odd, but still interesting. Even more interesting is that it seems to operate on the same engine used for the GBA port of ToP…but it actually WORKS instead of riddles the game with constant slowdown issues.

2002, PS1 – Tales of Fandom Volume 1

There is absolutely no good description from Wiki regarding this. It looks like it’s little more than a visual novel, which definitely does not interest me.

2003, GBA – Tales of the World – Summoner’s Lineage

“As a young summoning apprentice, Fulein K. Lester and his sprite-like companion Macaron are studying the principles of calling upon magical beasts into the physical world. However, their exploits are cut short when a significant number of monsters and other beasts begin to appear within their world, threatening the stability of their long-peaceful nation.”

“It is decided that in order to combat these creatures, the legendary Heroes of Time (the name given to the main characters of Tales of Phantasia after their adventures across several centuries in the previous title) would have to be called upon. It is then that Cress, Claus, Mint, Suzu, Arche, and Chester make their appearance, and with their combined skills, along with the help of some new faces, they will hopefully rid the world of this new crisis.”

Welp, it’s Japan only, sadly. And no, I haven’t played it. Definitely will be checking it out after writing this, though. Another thing worth noting is it’s one of the few games in the Tales series that is an SRPG, so yeah.

2004, GC – Tales of Symphonia

“Lloyd Irving and his friend, Genis Sage accompany the chosen, Colette Brunel and her guardians, Raine Sage and Kratos Aurion on her journey of world regeneration. The purpose of the journey is to replenish Sylvarant with mana, a necessary energy to their survival. The path of the journey consists of five temples which must be unsealed by Colette.”

“On their journey, they meet Sheena Fujibayashi who comes from Tethe’alla, a world parallel to Sylvarant. She tells them about how the two worlds vie for each other’s mana through the journey of regeneration. Hoping to save both worlds, the party is told by the angel Remiel both worlds can be saved by Colette’s journey.” And pretty much everything else on Wikipedia is a spoiler, so I’mma cut it there.

I only had this one briefly for the GC, but what I remember about it is that though it adopted the playstyle of ToE along with cooking, cel-shading, and a few other features I liked, trying to adapt 2D fighting to a 3D plane with enemies that loved side swiping you got annoying REAL quick. This was later fixed in the series, but as this was the first one that attempted it, naturally it didn’t handle it very well and got frustrating fast in some instances.

Beyond that, though, it was still a very fun title and also implemented skits, which I think was a first for the series as well. The way skits play out is every so often you’ll see a notification that a skit can be accessed. If you opt in for the skit, it plays out almost like a private action in Star Ocean, except that there’s no real choices…simply what’s going on in the characters’ heads regarding the current situation.

This is especially fun because, while it’s purely optional, it’s also highly recommended you check out each and every one because often they’re fun, well put together, and offer a lot of insight as far as the characters themselves. This helps character development in a way that most other games simply don’t offer.

2004, PS2 – Tales of Rebirth

“Tales of Rebirth is set in a world where humans (called Humas) and Gajumas (beast people) coexist in relative peace. In ancient times, both races joined forces to found the kingdom of Karegia. At the age of 60, the Gajuma king Ladras Lindblum (ラドラス・リンドブロム?), who has wisely governed the kingdom for years, gradually weakens and dies a mysterious death.”

“On the day of his death chaos breaks out in the kingdom, and since then people refer to this day as “The Day of Ladras’ Fall”. His daughter Agarte Lindblum (アガーテ・リンドブロム?), the only remaining blood relative and heir to the throne, takes over as queen. She is advised by Zilva Madigan (ジルバ・マディガン?). The latter is often referred to as the princess, due to her close ties to the imperial family.”

“The game later dives deep into issues of racism which was the result of the work of Hiramatsu Masaki, who wrote most of the main scenario. He sites his trip to Yugoslavia, where ethnic strife is predominant, as an inspiration for the story.” Again, another one I’ve yet to try (and in fact, didn’t even know about) that I defintely want to at some point.

2005, GBA – Tales of the World – Narikiri Dungeon 3

Same concepts as the last one, except this time it’s an SRPG hybrid for whatever reason. It doesn’t look bad, I just don’t understand why they would break it up like that because it slows the action down…but whatever. Japan only, no plot synopsis.

2006, PS2 – Tales of Legendia

“Senel Coolidge, a young expert of eres, is drifting in the ocean on a small boat with his younger sister Shirley. As food runs out and their strength deteriorates, an island suddenly bursts through the mist and approaches the boat with astonishing speed, engulfing it in waves. When Senel and Shirley awake on the shore, they realize that the island they are on is actually an enormous ship called the Legacy.”

“Tales of Legendia is unique among Japanese RPGs in that the game actually consists of two quests. The first quest is the typical “save the world” quest found in most games of the genre. After the first quest is completed, credits roll and a song plays, usually signaling the end of the game. However, a second quest begins afterwards.”

“This part consists of “character quests”, designed with the purpose of exploring the problems and pasts of all the characters. There is also a secondary storyline tying all the different character quests together.” I gotta tell ya, I was not impressed by this one. Not at all. It did bring true 2D combat back, it does have an interesting story starter, but then it kinda falls flat on its face.

Combat manages to be dull and repetitive, the characters aren’t interesting, the visuals and music are just okay, and even though it incorporates everything the series has learned up to this point, I just felt it was very lacking. I am liking the idea of the afterstory, so I know I’ll pick it up again at some point, but for what little I played of it, I simply was not impressed.

2006, PS2 – Tales of the Abyss

“Tales of the Abyss takes place on Auldrant, a planet composed of elementary particles called Fonons (フォニム Fonimu?, Fonim in the Japanese version). For much of Auldrant’s history, only six fonons were known to exist, representing the elements of Shadow, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Light; but eventually a seventh fonon, controlling Sound, is discovered. Its discovery brings great chaos: using this newest Seventh Fonon allows one to read the future.”

“One such Seventh Fonist, Yulia Jue, an important religious figure in the game, puts in place a future for the world for thousands of years to come, with the promise of unlimited prosperity at its end. This prophecy of the future’s set path becomes known as the “Score” and is documented on “Fonstones” scattered throughout the world. The nations of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and Malkuth have fought over the fragments of these tablets for generations, each uncovering them and hoping to discover the future before the other.”

“Meanwhile, a holy order emerges dedicated to the reading of the Score and the keeping of the peace. This “Order of Lorelei” is headed by a Fon Master and maintains both religious/political and military branches. Finally, the Score and its promise of prosperity lead to a dangerous complacency within the general population of Auldrant; the slaughter of an entire people living on the island of Hod and the destruction of that landmass are countenanced because it was predicted in the Score.”

“Luke Fon Fabre, the young son of Duke Fabre of the Kimlasca Kingdom is the Light of the Sacred Flame, the scion of Lorelei’s power, destined to bring prosperity to Kimlasca. Since being kidnapped seven years ago by the Malkuth Empire, he has been kept confined to the Fabre family mansion. The shock of the kidnapping has erased all of Luke’s memories prior to the event. One fateful day, a mysterious woman breaks into the mansion and sets off a chain of events that drag Luke into the center of a massive conflict between those who would do anything to see the Score carried out, and those who would see it broken forever.”

“The game opens with Yulia Jue giving her reading of the Score, more specifically the significance of the birth of “the light of the sacred flame” (Luke). As Yulia ends her reading, the game is sent to the year ND2018, with Luke fon Fabre standing in his room, gazing up at the fonstones in the sky. As he turns to leave his room, he suddenly gets a headache, and with it, hears a mysterious voice.”

“He had been getting these headaches since he was kidnapped seven years ago. His childhood memories were completely erased (at the time it was assumed to be amnesia) and he has had headaches ever since.” I gotta be honest, I only played this game for a day. That’s right, one time. I liked it, but I had to sell it. I really would like to get this one again because it improved upon many of the faults of Symphonia and added a variety of new features.

2006, NDS – Tales of the Tempest

“Throughout the history of the continent of Areura, a race of beast-people called the Lycanth dominated. The Lycanth came to build a sophisticated civilization and an orderly society. They developed their own unique physique, with high physical strength and a strong spirit. However, technology appeared for which the civilization was not ready. A large number of Lycanth were slaughtered by this forbidden technology.”

“While mass-slaughter had not been the intent, it nevertheless caused the nation to descend into civil war, in a conflict eventually called the “Beast War”. With the Lycanth having lost the greater bulk of their population, the leaders transferred the right to rule the continent to the Humans (hito), which was then a small and weak race. As disorder continued to plague the diminishing Lycanth population, the Humans reconstructed the nation and returned the land to prosperity.”

“The Humans came to think of the Lycanth as the “race which ruined the world”, and made their intent to mass-exterminate the Lycanth known. While Lycanth are normally Human-like, the Humans came to believe that the Lycanth were dangerous in their beast-forms due to their lack of ability to think. Under the order of the king, the church began to exterminate the Lycanth under acts of heresy.”

“The knights were armed in preparation for any invasions or uprising by foreign nations and the Lycanth alike. A Lycanth extermination movement, called the “Lycanth Hunt”, was launched and encouraged the population to turn in Lycanth for rewards. One day, an injured knight arrived at a village. Areura’s disturbances and conflicts now became the focus of Caius’s attention…”

Yup, another Japan only title. I honestly wasn’t aware that there were so many Tales titles or that we had missed so many. Pretty sad, to be honest.

2006, PC – Tales of Eternia Online

Another Japan only exclusive and no plot synopsis. It looks kinda interesting, but also clunky and with way too much HUD. I don’t see this being translated anytime soon, especially since it’s an MMORPG.

2007, NDS – Tales of Innocence

“The Imperial Capital of Regnum kept itself in peace during the long-lasting world war. Slowly, people with a “special power” began to appear. Feared by normal people, Regnum set out a law to capture all people with special powers. One day, Ruca, the son of a merchant in Regnum, realizes the special power within him…” Yup, another Japan only title, though I’ve heard rumors they’re thinking of porting it.

2007, PSP – Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology

“The world of Terresia is under assault by a “devourer”, which seeks to consume its mana and leave it barren. Although the residents of the planet are unaware, this is actually a result of the actions of two entities named Widdershin and Aurora, the descenders of other worlds. As a last resort, the world’s life-giving tree (the World Tree) uses the last of its power to create a defender – the player’s own character.”

“The hero, after being awakened by a strange creature named Mormo whose own world was destroyed by the same threat, learns of the danger to this world’s World Tree. Upon hearing a scream, the player rushes to discover that a girl is being attacked by a soldier. After rescuing the girl, she introduces herself as Kanonno, a member of an organization named Ad Libitum.”

“This guild seeks to help the people of the world, fighting injustice and oppression. With no better leads, the player and Mormo set out to join Ad Libitum, hoping to learn more about the location of the devourer.” What makes this one really fun is the fact that it’s more of an open world RPG allowing you to craft, develop, and customize everything about your character from the ground up.

Also fun is the fact that many characters from other Tales games are available and join and leave the party at random times. It makes for a really fun title overall that I highly recommend.

2007, PS2 – Tales of Fandom Volume 2

More visual novel bullshit. Ugh.

2008, Xbox 360 – Tales of Vesperia

“When the aque blastia core is stolen from Zaphias’ lower quarter, flooding the lower class, Yuri attempts to chase down the thief, but is arrested and jailed in the castle. During his escape, he meets a young girl named Estelle who is searching for Yuri’s close friend and rival Flynn. Along with Yuri’s faithful dog Repede, the three leave the safety of Zaphias’ barrier to chase after both Flynn and the thief.”

“On their way they encounter Karol, a young boy who joins them to catch up with his guild, the Hunting Blades, and Rita, an eccentric blastia researcher who takes great interest in Estelle’s healing magic. On their journey, Yuri learns about the state of the world and the philosophy of the guilds, who gave up their citizenship in order to live free from the rule of the Empire.”

“Along with Raven, a high-ranking guild member, and Judith, a mysterious Krityan woman who is hunting and destroying blastia, the group stop the machinations of an evil guild leader named Barbos and recover the aque blastia core. Yuri turns the core over to Flynn and announces his intention to form a guild with Karol, later named Brave Vesperia.”

Honestly, if you haven’t gotten tired of me mentioning this already, then consider that this is probably the only reason I even put this article together. Yeah, the Tales series is great, but this is by far my absolute favorite. It incorporates all the good, takes out all the bad, and adds so much additional to an already great series that it’s just incredible.

2008, NDS – Tales of Hearts

“Kohak Hearts, who happens to be the vessel for Richea Spodune, was in search of a Soma together with her brother, Hisui Hearts. Along the way an enemy, Incarose assaults them, but they manage to escape to the sea. They are brought into a little village of Seeble, where they meet the protagonist, Shing Meteoryte. There Shing took care of both of them and introduced them to the Soma they’re looking for.”

Another Japan only Tales title. By this point, I see absolutely no reason to be stingy when it comes to Tales games, especially with such a huge American following. Whatever the case may be, there are DS emulators…but I’m not sure if anyone’s actively trying to translate it.

2008, Wii – Tales of Symphonia – Dawn of the New World

“During the events of the first game, Lloyd Irving and his companions embarked to a journey that led to the merging of the twin worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe’alla. After the lands became one, however, maps were rendered useless and the climate went through many vast changes: desert towns became frozen wastelands and lakes dried up into valleys. All of this stems from an overlooked factor in the unification of the worlds: the spirit of the old Kharlan Tree, Ratatosk, still exists somewhere, and its slumber has sent the world into chaos.”

“To complicate matters, tensions have quickly escalated between the people of the two worlds. The Tethe’allans look down upon the Sylvaranti due to their inferior technology, and the Sylvaranti fear the Tethe’allans for their power. Two years have passed since the worlds were first merged, and Sylvaranti dissidents have created an insurgency, known variously as the “Sylvaranti Liberation Front” and the “Vanguard,” with which to rise against the Church of Martel and the Tethe’allans.””

This is one of the few Tales games that I’ve kinda wanted…but also been leery about since I’d heard mixed things. Oh, I still want it, trust in that. It’s just that I wasn’t sure exactly how well something like this would work on the Wii.

2009, PSP – Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology 2

No real plot information this time, but that could be because it’s Japan only. In this case, it could just be because Radiant Mythology didn’t do well in America, but I don’t know.

2009, PSP – Tales of Vs.

It’s Super Smash Bros., but Tales. That’s about it.

2011, PSP – Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology 3

Another Japan only and another failure on Wiki’s part to delve anything regarding the plot. I would especially be interested in this one because it also includes different characters from Vesperia as playable characters.

2012, PS3 – Tales of Graces f

“Asbel and Hubert Lhant find an amnesiac girl in the fields and take her back to their village, Lhant, to find her family. When the townspeople are unable to identify her, Asbel, Hubert, and their friend, Cheria Barnes, decide to care of her and name her Sophie. When Richard, the prince of their country, Windor, visits, they befriend him and carve a friendship pact into a tree.”

“Richard returns to the capital city, Barona, and Asbel with his friends follow. Richard proposes for them to sneak into the castle via a secret underground entrance at night. There, the four find Richard unconscious and are fatally wounded by an unknown monster. Sophie manages to defeat the monster by self destructing and Asbel is returned to Lhant.”

“After he regains consciousness, Asbel learns about Sophie’s death and Hubert’s adoption into the Oswell family. Daunted by the outcome, Asbel leaves for Barona and enrolls in the Knight Academy.” Yeah, don’t have a PS3. Enjoy the movie, though!

2012, PS3 – Tales of Xillia 2

Welp, no info on the plot here, so really not a whole lot to say. You may be wondering why I’m citing this one before the original Xillia. That’s because the original is already slated for an American release, but nothing’s been said regarding this one…which again, is infuriating when you consider how pimp the original one is, at least according to Wiki.

2012, Browser – Tales of the World – Dice Adventure

what is this i dont even

2012, Android – Tales of the World – Tactics Union

Bravo yet again to Wiki for having absolutely fuck all of the story detailed. Ugh. Anyway, Japan only, tactics, yada yada.

2012, PSP – Tales of the Heroes – Twin Brave

So it’s basically Tales, but as a hack n slash/brawler. It actually looks pretty fun, but again, Japan only.
2013, PS3 – Tales of Xillia

Again, no information regarding the plot here, which is strange considering the Japanese version was out in 2011. All the same, it definitely looks like a fun Tales title and apparently holds the record for being the highest rated Tales title in Famitsu ever with a staggering 39/40. This could be the one reason I end up getting a PS3.


Dang, I really didn’t think it would take so long to do this article. I figured there were maybe 10 games and that was it, but I was WAY off. I mean, that’s a good thing because there’s so much to catch up on, but it’s also pretty terrible when you consider about half of them are Japan only…with no intention to come to America. I honestly don’t understand why, in this day and age, you were EVER not localize a JRPG.

All the same, the Tales series is an incredible series that you should check out immediately if you haven’t already. Most of them that I’ve played have been instant classics and deserve a spot on any RPG aficionado’s shelf.

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