Another Game Idea – Revenge Quest

This idea is very, very, VERY rough…so I apologize in advance. This idea started with me wanting to make a Metroidvania, but have it all 8-bit and with a horror theme attached. Now, I get it, most of the new Castlevanias HAVE a horror theme, but well…there’s a little more to this. The original idea was called something along the lines of “Chainsaw Boy.”

The idea was a social awkward outcast gets lost in the woods thanks to other kids he thought were his friends and he dies. 10 years later, he rises from the dead to extract his vengeance. When I say horror theme, though, how exactly will this work? Well, my original thought was have it where, like in any Metroidvania, you had a lot of interconnected areas that you could access via keys, abilities, shortcuts, etc., and that there were enemies sprinkled throughout.

The thing is, can I really justify, at least initially, having enemies? So now my thought process is have a sort of intro stage where it shows you how to use stealth (there will be police and such looking for you over time), how to hunt your target, and finally the actual fight against the target him or herself. But again, if you’re playing as the serial killer, should it be a fight?

Most epic boss battle?

Well, this is probably the trickiest part. See, in a movie, this works for two reasons. One, it’s usually only about two hours or less. We have enough time to build the characters, the villain, and start killing people off. Sometimes random extras get in the way, but they’re few and far between. In a videogame, this would be far too quick and possibly boring.

So…what then? Maybe make it where it’s like Manhunt, where you single out targets and take them down one by one? But see, I don’t want it to be all about stealth as I still want it to maintain standard Metroidvania principles. So it seems like that’s impossible…but I think if I bend a few rules, then it may just work.

First off, while the game isn’t all about stealth, there is the stealth aspect. You can also level up as well, so it almost seems like stealth may be an afterthought of sorts. Plus, how do you level up in a stealth game? So here’s what I was thinking. The cops only show up after a “significant” murder. I was thinking that maybe we can have these kids be some rich politician’s kids or something, I don’t know.

Not THAT kind, but it would be interesting…

As you can see, the story is not well thought out. Again, I apologize for the roughness. I would actually LIKE to see boss battles, and no, not some shitty “stealth battle” (I fucking HATE those). In any case, since the police have guns, they’ll be massively overpowered to the point that you pretty much HAVE to use stealth around them.

So what kind of “powerups,” exactly? Well, I was thinking you start with something basic, like your bare hands, which you would use to hoist, attack, and break peoples’ necks. Over time, however, you would acquire things like throwing knives, an axe, a chainsaw, etc. But these are weapons, not powerups! Oh, but aren’t they?

For starters, maybe knives can be used to shoot things through narrow corridors. An axe can be used to destroy stuff and enemies, sure, but what about hanging on walls and ceilings? Maybe the chainsaw can be used to slide down walls and you can get a powerup later that allows you to kick it into overdrive so you can slide up them as well!

Again, all of this is purely prototypical. I think the hardest part will be to get us rooting for the bad guy because really, it’s all about killing other motherfuckers. Well, I guess Hotline Miami, Condemned, Killer 7, and pretty much every game other already do that…maybe it won’t be that hard after all. Anyway, let me know what you think! I’m currently in the process of figuring out exactly what tools I need in order to make this an authentic 8-bit experience.

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