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RPG of the Year – 2011

I was hoping this year would be a little more eventful and tough to pick a top 5, but it really isn’t. Sure, the top 5 are EXCELLENT and there are a few good runner ups, but there are also a lot of terrible MMOs and poorly thought out mobile games. There are 81 games in total, but you probably already know what’s going on the top 5.
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Workout Tips From Someone Who Probably Shouldn’t Be Giving Workout Tips

Hello again, I decided that I would, again, talk about something not entirely videogame related, even though I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert, nor would I call what I do a “craft” either…but it works. Maybe if I was more motivated, had more time on my hands, money too…well, I guess we’ll get into that later.
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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 14

So this time I figured I’d do something a little different. It’s summer time and that means massive Steam sales ahoy! Of course, I really haven’t gotten that much as I’ve been pretty strapped this summer, but it does mean that I’ve gotten at least SOMETHING, although some of that something isn’t that great. So today, I’m providing these in order of worst to best.
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Fuck Geese

When I did my article about seagulls, I was mostly angry at the people, not the seagulls. Sure, the seagulls aren’t much better, but they’re only there because of idiots. I’m still not happy with people regarding geese (specifically Canadian geese), but in this instance, it’s really more about the goddamn birds than it is about the people.
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