Arcade Game of the Year – 2000

There are 98 games this year. I’m not going to lie, this year simply was not so great. There were good games this year, but there was an overabundance of rhythm/music games that don’t matter that much and way too many clones. There simply wasn’t enough originality this year and even though I like the games in my top 5, I was honestly expecting for something better to blow them out of the water.

#5 – Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 – New Age of Heroes

MvC2, well, what do you say? It’s another great fighting game from Capcom with lots of striker and tag options on a 3 vs. 3 free for all. Very fun stuff and a lot of people agree one of the finest fighters Capcom has ever put out. I never really got to try it until the massively updated XBL version, but I liked it all the same. I absolutely sucked at it, but yeah, I liked it.

#4 – King of Fighters 2000

Another year, another KOF. The problem with KOF is after a while, it really does feel like just more of the same. The good news about this one is they implemented a lot of new features such as the striker system and you can select 4 people instead of just 3. Matches are still 3 vs. 3, but you have a designated striker this time around and more flexibility in general. Definitely a fine entry into the KOF series.

#3 – Metal Slug 3

This is the first Metal Slug to offer multiple pathways, allowing for multiple playthroughs. There are also a slew of new weapons, characters, vehicles, and enemy types. Even though Metal Slug, at first glance, may seem like more of the same, they still manage to innovate again and again with each entry. And really, it’s not that I was disappointed with Metal Slug or whatever, it’s just that I was hoping to have something brand new to showcase each year.

#2 – Mars Matrix

Mars Matrix is a fine example of a would-be Ikaruga, also known as a bullet hell shooter that very slowly picks up in difficulty rather than shoving it right in your fucking face on the first stage. Oh, it’s HARD, but it’s still damn fun. The problem I have with more bullet hell games is they’re very much their own genre to the point that it takes a very specific kind of person to enjoy them, and I’m usually not that person.

#1 – Guilty Gear X

Ah yeah. Guilty Gear is a great series and it got its start right here. Without this title, we wouldn’t have had the phenomenal continuing Guilty Gear series, BlazBlue, or any one of a number of amazing Arc System Works products. Furthermore, this is still a great entry for fighting games in general. Very nicely styled, great music, lots of fun characters…it’s exactly what a modern fighter should be.


This wasn’t that great of a year and unfortunately, this is kind of the way it is from here on out. There might be a couple of years that surprise me, but I’m going to be more interested in presenting for accuracy. I would still encourage you to read on, if anything to learn more about gaming history. However, this is where I feel arcade games really declined in general.

Runner Ups

And don’t get me wrong, there are good runner ups this year. However, you’re going to start seeing an unfortunate influx of music/rhythm games that really are more of the same. It’s not that I don’t like DDR, but it seems unnecessary to have as many as there are, especially when typically all they update with is just more tracks and that’s about it.

18 Wheeler
1944 – The Loop Master
1945K 3
1 on 1 Government
Asura Buster – Eternal Warriors
Bang Bead
Battle Gear 2
Beach Head 2000
BeatMania Club Mix
Beatmania Core Remix
BeatMania 2DX
BeatMania 2DX 2nd Style
BeatMania 2DX 3rd Style
BeatMania 2DX 4th Style
BeatMania 3
Bloody Roar 3
Brave Blade
Cannon Spike
Capcom vs. SNK – Millenium Fight 2000
Code One Dispatch
Come On Baby
Confidential Mission
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix
Dance Dance Revolution USA
Dance Maniax
Dancing Stage Featuring Disney’s Rave
Daytona USA 2001
Dead or Alive 2 Millenium
Deer Hunting USA
Dragon Blaze
Dream World
DrumMania 2nd Mix
DrumMania 3rd Mix
EZ2DJ 2nd Trax
Fatal Judgement – Silent Scope 2
Gauntlet – Dark Legacy
Golden Tee 2K
Golden Tee Classic
Giga Wing 2
Great Mahou Daisakusen
GTI Club – Corso Italiano
Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix
Guitar Freaks 4th Mix
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ
KeyboardMania 2nd Mix
Knights of Valour 2
Lode Runner – The Dig Fight
Magical Truck Adventure
Mighty! Pang
Mr. Driller 2
Nightmare in the Dark
Ninja Assault
Offroad Thunder
Para Para Paradise
Para Para Paradise V1.1
Planet Harriers
Point Blank 3
Pop’n Music 4
Pop’n Music 5
Pop’n Music Animelo
Pop’n Music Mickey Tunes
Power Stone 2
Psyvariar Revision
Pump It Up! 3rd
PunchMania – Hokuto no Ken
Quiz de Idol Hot Debut
Ridge Racer 5 – Arcade Battle
Rock Fever EX
Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000
Sega Strike Fighter
Shakkato Tambourine
Simpsons Bowling
Slash Out
Spectrum 2000
Star Wars Racer Arcade
Stunt Typhoon Plus
Super Puzzle Bobble
Taisen Hot Gimmick 4 Ever
Tetris – The Absolute Grand Master 2
Truck Kyosokyoku
Tux Racer
Vampire Night
WWF Royal Rumble

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