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Megami Tensei

Before I get started, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I have to warn you of two things. One, I am NOT the most widely versed individual in SMT. I’m a huge fan and have been for over a decade, but that’s not saying much considering how long the series has been running. And two, while I will be providing as much information as possible, it’s possible I may miss a few titles here and there or otherwise get stuff wrong as I’m mostly going to be referencing Wikipedia.

That said, again, I am a huge fan of SMT, MegaTen, Persona, and whatever. SMT is ever-changing, but one concept that usually remains the same is that of the occult. In many games you may communicate with demons, form demon contracts, recruit demons, fuse demons together, and all kinds of crazy stuff. At times it feels like Pokemon, but with demons, and other times it can operate more like Eye of the Beholder, but with demons.

Naturally, the key word is demons, but sometimes they’re referred to as persona, shadows, monsters, and whatever else, sometimes to get around the censors and other times because they’re not really demons within the SMT universe. Again, this will ATTEMPT to be a giant, canonical listing of all SMT titles, but it’s possible I may skip a few, so I implore you to investigate on your own time as well.

Before we get started, I will try to be as chronologically correct as possible. However, I will also try to present the original North American release date when possible as well. This may get confusing as games like Innocent Sin, originally released in 1999 on the PS1, but never released until the remake on the PSP far later in North America are always a possibility.

According to Wikipedia, the MegaTen series is the third most popular RPG series in Japan, just barely being inched out by Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Read on to find out why.
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The Simpsons Games

In 2007, the unthinkable happened: a genuinely GOOD Simpsons game was made. Yes, for a cartoon series that has been around for decades they sure did produce a lot of crappy games. And we’ll get to the good Simpsons game in a minute, but for right now, I wanted to highlight the cacophony crapshoot that was an endless series of failures in the Simpsons megaverse.
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Sonic the Hedgehog – Is It Too Late?

Growing up, I owned an NES. While the Sega Genesis was a marvelous thing, I still loved my NES. Every so often, we would be treated to renting a Genesis and a few games. My good friend across the street also owned a Genesis. Until I got into emulation, this was the extent of my Genesis knowledge. Sure, I got to play a few things like the oldschool Sonic titles, Golden Axe 2, and even Phantasy Star 4, but for the most part I really missed out when the Genesis was still ongoing.
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