Here you’ll find some of my favorite sites as well as other places you can find my work at. Got a link you think I’ll like? Shout at me in the comments section below!

Social Media:

Facebook. Make sure to subscribe here for all my updates. I post gaming, rant, tech, fitness, and more types of videos!

Twitter. Same here. I make sure to cross-promote as much as possible, but I would still recommend subscribing here just in case I forget to post on Facebook.

Youtube. This is the site you’ll find me at most often. I’ve been doing longplays, but mostly quickplays of different games for specific themese, like halloween or back to school specials or what have you.

Other Sites I’m Involved With: If you have an old collection of games that’s just gathering dust, why not sell it off? This link goes directly to my store page. I don’t have much in stock right now, but it changes and updates as I beat and shelf various games.

Backloggery. This is an excellent site to update and keep track of various gaming accomplishments. I often go here to update on progress with various RPGs, achievements, and so on.

Canva. This is an excellent site for creating YouTube banners, thumbnails, and a bunch of other stuff, especially if you don’t have powerful tools at your disposal such as Photoshop. Check this specific link out to see what I’ve created so far!

Fitocracy. Trying to work out, lose weight, beef up, or just stay motivated? Then you definitely need to check this site out. I don’t work out as often as I used to, but this site helps to keep me in check.

Wonderpod-Online. Initially formed from a collective of former Project Wonderboy and Morphine Nation members, WPO features the Wonderpod podcast as well as Retropod, which both deal with gaming new and old. I was on Wonderpod for a while until there were scheduling conflicts and now manage and do the editing for Retropod.

Other Cool Sites:

Achievement Hunter. Need a leg up on achievements, want to help others get achievements, or just want to brag? Then definitely give this site a whirl.

Adventures of Dr. McNinja. One of the more fun and highly stylized webcomics I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Definitely worth checking out if you like action and a good dose of humor.

Brental Floss. What originally started off as “What if X had lyrics,” Brental Floss has gone on to do various gaming commentary and also his own webcomic. Definitely worth checking out.

Buttersafe. A mild, often funny little webcomic about…stuff.

Cinemassacre. While he doesn’t do as much Angry Videogame Nerd stuff anymore, James Rolfe keeps himself busy and posts every little thing on this site. Worth checking out if you’re a fan of AVGN, horror, board games, retro, or just whatever.

Confused Matthew. A great site for heavily delving commentary on some of today’s and yesterday’s most popular movies.

Cyanide & Happiness. Home of one of the most dark, disturbing, and hilarious webcomics ever.

Escapist. Home of Zero Punctuation and lots of other great movies, commentary, and much more.

Failblog. Great site for watching idiots being idiots. Also syndicated with various other funny meme stuffs.

Fark. A great site for funny and bizarre articles from around the world.

GameFAQs. A great site for FAQs, walkthroughs, general hints, strategy guides, and even achievement hunting.

Homestarrunner. Hilarious site with all kinds of fun stuff. Most widely known for the Strongbad E-mails.

Internet Archive. This is a great site to archive material and often I use this for dumping podcasts. A great Internet radio site that will introduce you to all kinds of new and upcoming music.

Nintendo Legend. Home of Eric Bailey’s ambitious blog about reviewing every single North American NES title ever.

Nintendo NSF Music Archive. Ah, good ol’ Zophar’s Domain. This particular section houses a crapton of ripped NES music. It’s not every game ever, but it’s a pretty good amount.

Not Always Right. The customer is not always right. Find out why and how.

Penny Arcade. A great webcomic about gaming and videogames. You’ve probably heard of it.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. A great webcomic about science, math, philosophy, and often sex. A great site to get ripped SNES music and even a few sound effects.

Something Awful. A great site for comedy and all kinds of off beat stuff.

Spriters’ Resource. This is an excellent site to check out if you need various classic sprites and animations for games. I used this site, for example, to create the header.

Sugar Ray Home of Sugar Ray Dodge, writer, creator of Scruffy, and my co-host for Retropod!

That Guy With The Glasses. Home of Nostalgia Critic. That’s all you need to know.

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  1. Hamilton

    are you the same gunsage selling wii games on amazon?

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