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Arcade Game of the Year – 2000

There are 98 games this year. I’m not going to lie, this year simply was not so great. There were good games this year, but there was an overabundance of rhythm/music games that don’t matter that much and way too many clones. There simply wasn’t enough originality this year and even though I like the games in my top 5, I was honestly expecting for something better to blow them out of the water.
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FPS of the Year – 2000

It’s good to be back! Where have I gone? Well, ah, nowhere, BUT THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT! It’s time for another GoTY and we’re going to kick it back off with FPS of the Year 21st century! Now this time there won’t be movies this time unless you click on the pictures (where I can find movies anyway), especially due to how they immensely bogged down the articles last time. We have 24 games this year and it was very hard to pick a #1. Just like last time, let’s start with the runners up.
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