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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 10

This time I’ve decided to go with as many packages as possible. No, it’s not because I’m trying to knock out every single game I have as quickly as possible. Mostly it’s just that for a lot of these I didn’t realize they were within packages and you typically get better deals with said packages, so there you go. All in all, pretty decent games this time around, so let’s get started!
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Emulation Arcade – Action Fighter

Well, I’m kinda tapped out right now as far as creativity, so I figured I’d start up a new series of reviews, this time centering around different stuff I can emulate on my MAME32 emulator. So first off, what is MAME32 and what is emulation? Well, emulation is something I discovered in the mid 90s that centers around simulating an actual console, such as the Super Nintendo, Gameboy, or whatever.

MAME32 is an arcade emulator that can properly emulate most arcade games, especially from the 80s and 90s. My purpose in these reviews is not to necessarily encourage emulation, but rather, to seek out these gems that not a lot of people may know about or even just to highlight different games that you should know about and we should remember as retrogamers.
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Dead Space 2

General Overview

I’ve become so jaded with today’s attempts at creating a horror game of any kind that anytime one anywhere remotely interesting slaps me in the face, I crave more, usually only to find it’s not much of a horror game, even by 90s’ standards. Dead Space was a rare exception and the sequel, being insurmountably better, is easily recommendable by yours truly.
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RPG of the Year – 2004

You think last year was a big year? Ha ha ha! This year, there are 49 games! Madness! Let’s do this thang!
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Semi-Annoyed Videogame Nerd – Episode 4

Yup, another one. This time I discuss why Alpha Protocol is the best/worst game ever!

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