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RPG of the Year – 2011

I was hoping this year would be a little more eventful and tough to pick a top 5, but it really isn’t. Sure, the top 5 are EXCELLENT and there are a few good runner ups, but there are also a lot of terrible MMOs and poorly thought out mobile games. There are 81 games in total, but you probably already know what’s going on the top 5.
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Top 5 GTA Clones

When people say GTA clone, it gets tired and old. Calling something a clone of something else makes you seem incredibly lazy as it’s merely a way of waving off any sort of merit the game might have otherwise that either sets it apart or makes it 10 times stronger than GTA3 (the one they’re usually referencing) and somehow allows them to dismiss the game entirely.

The sad fact is these same people would be missing out on otherwise incredible titles that, GTA or not, warrant your undivided attention. Titles such as…
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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things – Episode 5

What the hell are you reading my intro for?
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How An Achievement Caused Introspection

Skyrim is a fantastic game where even something as minor as sidequesting can be fun, interesting, and even a well told story all in its own. Some of the sidequests in Skyrim are much more entertaining than the main storyline…so much so that the main storyline pales in comparison to it. This seems to be something that Bethesda does well. It almost sounds backwards, yet it really is quite brilliant.
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Adventure Game of the Year – 1990

This time around I will changing things up a bit. I will only be doing a top 3 for each year and I’m hoping that will suffice as some years have barely any adventure titles released. I’m also trying to be as accurate as possible, which is proving to be difficult considering most of these are labeled either incorrectly or in poor chronological order on Wiki. In fact, let me know if something’s out of place or missing on these as I’ve been updating their “official” list with THEIR OWN INFORMATION…so yeah.

The first adventure game I ever played was Maniac Mansion with my favorite series still probably being Monkey Island. Once again, I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to produce when each game came out in America and on what systems. I’m also hoping I can have youtube vids embeded in the pics for each title as well as the box art. There were 13 titles this year, so let’s get started.
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RPG of the Year 2008 (Revision)

We’re going to give this another shot…and hopefully Wiki won’t be such a dick in the ass this time. For those of you just jumping in, RPGs have been a huge impact on me ranging all the way back to the original Final Fantasy. Join me as I attempt to outline the top 5 RPGs each year and list all the runner ups for your viewing pleasure, should you choose to do so. Don’t forget that the pictures include youtube links as well.

Also yes, there really is a game called “Tales of Game’s Presents Chef Boyardee’s Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa.” Yes, I thought it was fake, too. Don’t forget to check on previous RPG of the Years here. By the by, this is the first year that’s had so many free to play titles, soooo…it’s pretty massive. That said, this year there are 95 games! Man, I hope I didn’t miss any…
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Dragon Quest 9 – Sentinels of the Starry Skies

General Overview

Level 5 and Square Enix are at it again with another fantastic RPG that incorporates much of the old with a little new to create a traditional, fun, and often tough little masterpiece. The very fact that this was all done on the DS makes it that much more impressive. If you love traditional RPGs and/or have always been a fan of the Dragon Quest games, this is a title you absolutely cannot afford to pass up.
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