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Gun Sage Recommends – Metal Saga

So my voice is a little messed up and I wanted to take a quick break from Japanese Games Are Hard, so here’s a new series. What I do in this one is highlight different games and why they’re enjoyable. Pretty simple and quick. Have fun!

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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 2

Yup, I decided to do another. This time I decided to throw in only games that I would recommend, but I’m thinking if I do another that I might have to throw in games that I seriously would not recommend to anybody ever. All the same, let’s think positive!
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RPG of the Year – 2006

Holy shit damn, what a huge year! 57 games! And yes, there was a Sega Genesis game released this year. This is also one of those awkward years where a lot of developers were jumping to the new systems while other ones were still very unsure and wanting to develop stuff on the PS2, GBA, and so on. Very interesting stuff. Well, let’s hop in!
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