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Another Game Idea – Revenge Quest

This idea is very, very, VERY rough…so I apologize in advance. This idea started with me wanting to make a Metroidvania, but have it all 8-bit and with a horror theme attached. Now, I get it, most of the new Castlevanias HAVE a horror theme, but well…there’s a little more to this. The original idea was called something along the lines of “Chainsaw Boy.”
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What A Long And Strange Journey It’s Been

There are many different kinds of people that know me. Some of these people I work with directly, some are my family, some are friends from high school, some are people I only know from online, and of course, of the people I know online, they’re usually all from different places. But very few people actually know how my writing got started online or why…or even how.
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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 11

Yup, it’s been a while. That’s mostly because I got a new 360, but also because I hadn’t been playing much new on Steam. All the same, with nearly 300 games and counting, I figured I could squeeze in another one. Let’s get this started!
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You Love It, I Hate It – Super Meat Boy

A lot of people often look back at older NES titles and try to say that Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts n Goblins were among the toughest of the tough. While they’re not wrong, I don’t feel that there’s any part of these games that I could deem as unfair or even frustrating. Tough, sure. Requiring lots of trial and error, maybe. But really, the toughest aspect of these games is having to sit down and do them in one go rather than having savepoints or a password system.
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