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Japanese Games Are Hard – Doraemon 4 – Nobita to Tsuki no Oukoku

Today we play Japanese Garfield, a game where you play as a Smurf cat and shoot bubbles at cute enemies while floating over the ocean.

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things – Episode 2

Back by popular demand (and also I’m kinda bored and burnt out), here’s episode 2! Before I continue, I realized in my last one that pretty much every one of my choices went something like “Well, this happened, then something else, but I can’t tell you because spoiler actually, but it’s pretty cool, trust me.” As a result, this time there will be LOTS of spoilers…so skip ahead or avoid entirely if you’ve never heard of these titles, but would be interested in playing them, or you’ve simply never gotten to said points in the game…you’ve been warned.
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You Love It, I Hate It – Chrono Cross

I’m hoping this will be a new series I can get going and I’m starting with something that, as will be a trend in this series, people seem to universally love, but I just can’t “get:” Chrono Cross. Now initially, I didn’t like this game because it didn’t feel enough like Chrono Trigger. I halfway expected it to be either a direct sequel to CT or be very similar in nature.
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RPG of the Year – 1995

This was another easy year. And yes, I’ll likely be annoying PC gamers, but before I do, consider this: all 5 of the titles selected were either PHENOMENAL or the best of their respective series. There is literally no reason they should be on the top 5 list and the only one I really feel bad about not including is Breath of Fire 2. There are 20 games in total, so let’s get started!
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