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Games Ideas – Martial Arts and Crafts

I agree that the title is a bit dorky, but I really can’t think of anything else to call it and honestly, “Gymcraft” wouldn’t really describe the idea in its entirety, so here goes. Two sub-genres I’ve been liking a LOT lately have been Metroidvanias and roguelikes. Of course, we already have an excellent combination of both worlds: Rogue Legacy.
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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 5

Ayup, another Steam roundup! This time around I’ll be talking about all indie titles, which Steam has been great for finding. Sure, not all indie titles are great, but these ones are and are all priced pretty low. In fact, they’re cheap enough that if you bought all of them at the same time, you’d be paying right around what you would be for a brand new mainstream title and you’d get oh so much more!
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RPG of the Year – 2006

Holy shit damn, what a huge year! 57 games! And yes, there was a Sega Genesis game released this year. This is also one of those awkward years where a lot of developers were jumping to the new systems while other ones were still very unsure and wanting to develop stuff on the PS2, GBA, and so on. Very interesting stuff. Well, let’s hop in!
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