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Disgaea 2 – Cursed Memories

General Overview

Better in many ways and worse in a few others, Disgaea 2 is a great sequel that will remind you why you liked the original and keep you just as addicted. However, are those few niggling flaws enough to keep you from enjoying this one as much as the original?
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Adventure Game of the Year – 1997

There are 13 games this year. Honestly, this was a pretty damn good year as it has some of my favorite adventure titles available. Let’s go!
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RPG of the Year – 2005

Now, at first glance, this seems like a huge year. After all, there are 50 games! This was certainly a strong year for RPGs in that there were a LOT, but not so much in terms of quality. I’m confident in my top 5, but the runner ups…oh, the runner ups. ANYWAY, let’s hop right in with…
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