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2 spoopy – Clown House (PC)

Clown lives matter *honk honk*

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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 6

This time around I’m going fairly random. Yeah, there’s really no major relationship between any of these titles, so this intro text is kinda worthless. In fact, if anything, it’s filler space. I feel obligated to put at least SOMETHING up here though, otherwise, I mean, come on, how would I introduce this article? And with that, we have our first paragraph! Hooray!
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Disney is Fucking Evil, Yo

So I’m watching cartoons, which is customary in our household because of the children but also because they’re awesome (or at least used to be), and I came across an epiphany. Now I shouldn’t completely oust Disney alone for this as I’ve seen it in other things as well, but there’s something I don’t quite get and it extends to reaches the likes of which you couldn’t imagine…so here goes.
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A Brief Synopsis On What I Think Happened To Survival Horror, Actually

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