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What’s With All The Nintendo Hate?

Man, it’s been a while since I wrote anything, but I really wanted to make sure I fleshed out all of my points well, so I decided against doing a simple video rant. So first of all, welcome back and thanks for sticking around if you have been following this blog. Lately I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of Nintendo hate and I gotta say, I really don’t see the whole point of it. But first, let’s start with ancient history.
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Fuck Geese

When I did my article about seagulls, I was mostly angry at the people, not the seagulls. Sure, the seagulls aren’t much better, but they’re only there because of idiots. I’m still not happy with people regarding geese (specifically Canadian geese), but in this instance, it’s really more about the goddamn birds than it is about the people.
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You Love It, I Hate It – Chrono Cross

I’m hoping this will be a new series I can get going and I’m starting with something that, as will be a trend in this series, people seem to universally love, but I just can’t “get:” Chrono Cross. Now initially, I didn’t like this game because it didn’t feel enough like Chrono Trigger. I halfway expected it to be either a direct sequel to CT or be very similar in nature.
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You Love It, I Hate It – Halo

Before every fanboy that simply sees the title and simply gets ready to rant in the comments does so, I implore you, please read this first. Halo is a much drooled over title and for (allegedly) good reason. At least I assume so because sales for this title have been no less than insane, thus rampant fanboyism. Before I begin, I’d like to tell you a little about myself and why I SHOULD have fallen in love with this game, but couldn’t. Continue reading


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You Love It, I Hate It – Super Meat Boy

A lot of people often look back at older NES titles and try to say that Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts n Goblins were among the toughest of the tough. While they’re not wrong, I don’t feel that there’s any part of these games that I could deem as unfair or even frustrating. Tough, sure. Requiring lots of trial and error, maybe. But really, the toughest aspect of these games is having to sit down and do them in one go rather than having savepoints or a password system.
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You Love It, I Hate It – Grand Theft Auto 4

Back in the 90s I played both the original GTA and GTA2 on my PC. They sucked. Imagine Spy Hunter, but being able to turn in all directions, the camera doesn’t adjust, the angle isn’t wide enough to see if you’re going to run into shit, there’s no mini-map, there are lives, and while there were missions, it wasn’t worth checking into them without a mini-map, compass, or any sense of direction.
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