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Top 5 GTA Clones

When people say GTA clone, it gets tired and old. Calling something a clone of something else makes you seem incredibly lazy as it’s merely a way of waving off any sort of merit the game might have otherwise that either sets it apart or makes it 10 times stronger than GTA3 (the one they’re usually referencing) and somehow allows them to dismiss the game entirely.

The sad fact is these same people would be missing out on otherwise incredible titles that, GTA or not, warrant your undivided attention. Titles such as…
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Liberty or Death

General Overview

Once again establishing themselves as leaders in the sim/strategy genre (back at the time), Koei comes up with an amazing turn-based strategy/resource management game featuring major players and events of the American Revolutionary War.
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Sonic the Hedgehog – Is It Too Late?

Growing up, I owned an NES. While the Sega Genesis was a marvelous thing, I still loved my NES. Every so often, we would be treated to renting a Genesis and a few games. My good friend across the street also owned a Genesis. Until I got into emulation, this was the extent of my Genesis knowledge. Sure, I got to play a few things like the oldschool Sonic titles, Golden Axe 2, and even Phantasy Star 4, but for the most part I really missed out when the Genesis was still ongoing.
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