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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 7

Ya, another random assortment. It started out with me wanting to tackle all adventure games, but sadly I don’t really have that many left. And no, this isn’t some calling to arms for making adventure games (though I totally wouldn’t complain if it ended up forcing more out as a result), but I at least wanted to give you guys more of an idea of what’s available on steam.
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Another Game Idea – Hobo Quest

Yes, that is the current title screen

In most games you are but a mere squire/drunkard/farmer/loser thrust into a quest to save the world/princess/kingdom/country and thereby become the champion of the world or some such shit. Problem is…why can’t you just be a nobody? Or rather, why can’t you be what civilized society deems unacceptable? What greater freedom is there than to simply be a crazy hobo?
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General Overview

Usually when you throw several genres together, it just doesn’t work, especially when you’re dealing with older titles. ActRaiser is a shining example of how it CAN work, however, throwing a qualified action game very similar to that of the Castlevania games into the mix of a God sim whereupon you also level up. This is an excellent title that should appeal to action afficianados, RPG nuts, and megalomaniacs alike.
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