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Why Games Like Xenogears Still Hold Up

This is sort of a review of xenogears, but from two angles: the me from right now and the me from 1998 (I was 16). Now, this might still be a little tricky, but effectively the reason for this article is for a lot of us we have this rose-colored glasses look of games from the yesteryear that we used to love, then when we go back to play it, we either make excuses for it or outright cannot enjoy it anymore.
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How To Not Suck At Team Fortress 2

I’m going to assume you’re reading this for one of three possible reasons. One, you’re still new to Team Fortress 2 and you’re not really sure what you’re doing, frustrated, etc. Two, you’re not new, but you could use some pointers. Or three, you just read shit I post. Honestly, this FAQ of sorts is really more for a fourth option: those that truly, utterly suck at Team Fortress 2, but blame the fuck out of everything and everyone else rather than trying to get better.
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