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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 4

So today I’m going to be a little more positive, which should be easy because like I said, it’s actually pretty hard for me to find stuff I absolutely cannot recommend in my own personal library. I’m going to attempt to focus on games that you may not have heard of or in general may not know much about and have been wondering about. Let’s get started!
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Under the Scope – Music

Ever since the original Super Mario Bros., we’ve been treated to music in videogames. Well…before then as well, but I wanted to put something out there you could see, nod your head at, and move onward without getting totally lost. Not to sound conceited, but there are any one of a number of other titles that came out before Mario that have done the same, but you probably don’t know what…oh my Jesus I sound like a hipster so I better stop.
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