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2 spoopy – The Wolf Among Us (PC)

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

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Adventure Game of the Year – 1999

Done! Finally done! I might go a step beyond with this one as well, but don’t count on it. If Wiki is right, there are some years where there aren’t ANY adventure games, so we’ll see. This year makes me incredibly sad because it’s a tell tale sign that adventure games are no longer popular. There are literally only 7 games this year, unless Wiki’s being a jerk…so yeah, this should be over quick.
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Ghost Trick – Phantom Detective

General Overview

An odd, but very interesting and fun adventure/puzzle game that involves a murder mystery about your own death. In Ghost Trick, you’ll constantly be looking at the environment over and over again wondering how you can manipulate things to change the fates and outcomes of otherwise terrible events. While some might call this gimmicky, I personally enjoyed it, even though there is a bit of trial and error.
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