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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 10

This time I’ve decided to go with as many packages as possible. No, it’s not because I’m trying to knock out every single game I have as quickly as possible. Mostly it’s just that for a lot of these I didn’t realize they were within packages and you typically get better deals with said packages, so there you go. All in all, pretty decent games this time around, so let’s get started!
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Emulation Arcade – Avengers

Avengers is a fun, straightforward action brawler that involves you advancing toward a seemingly endless barrage of enemies, punching and kicking your way to justice. Yes, this sounds like Final Fight, but there are a number of twists. Firstly, it’s overhead and has a look and feel similar to that of Commando, but with you going through ghettos and all kinds of weird areas instead of the desert.
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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – Endless Frontier

General Overview

What other game can you play as ridiculously big busted anime babes, Xenosaga’s KOS-MOS included, beating the hell out of robots with tons of over the top juggling combos and super combos with an emphasis on a hit multiplier and tag outs AND claim it’s an RPG? Seriously, if there’s an answer to that, I want to know. This game is addictive, fun, funny, and is a crossover that surprisingly works, even though the story is fairly unforgettable.
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