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Gaming Gimmicks – Lockpicking

Hello everybody! I know I haven’t exactly been regular on here, but I wanted to push out a new series of articles that I think may help me get back into the swing of reviews. Gaming gimmicks are little things that occur in games that sometimes involve mini-games, but in many cases are a simple function of a game that we’ll see repeated time and time again and often differently within different games.
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Frankenstein Project – Fable Series

I thought I’d start a new concept I thought would be interesting. You’ll catch on as I go. This is semi-inspired by this thread “Series Where Different Games Had Attributes You Wish Were Together In One Game.” It seems like as a series goes on it either gets better, worse, or both. Fable is no exception. What I’m trying to accomplish here is discuss how each Fable handles different gameplay aspects, events, leveling up, etc. and see what the best happy medium is by combining different concepts of the existing games rather than introducing new concepts.

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