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Blast Corps

General Overview

Save the world from utter, total annihilation by destroying absolutely every goddamn thing in the path of a truck that’s gone out of control and whatever the hell else you’d like as well…wait a minute…
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Emulation Arcade – Action Fighter

Well, I’m kinda tapped out right now as far as creativity, so I figured I’d start up a new series of reviews, this time centering around different stuff I can emulate on my MAME32 emulator. So first off, what is MAME32 and what is emulation? Well, emulation is something I discovered in the mid 90s that centers around simulating an actual console, such as the Super Nintendo, Gameboy, or whatever.

MAME32 is an arcade emulator that can properly emulate most arcade games, especially from the 80s and 90s. My purpose in these reviews is not to necessarily encourage emulation, but rather, to seek out these gems that not a lot of people may know about or even just to highlight different games that you should know about and we should remember as retrogamers.
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