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RPG of the Year – 1993

This year will be easy. Why? Because the only tough part about it is not highlighting certain games I know are great, but not the best. I went into this one expecting it to be as tricky as the last two years, then realized I knew exactly which 5 should be at the top within 30 seconds. There are 25 games, but you only need to remember these…
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RPG of the Year – 1991

This was actually a tough year for me to choose through games. There were a lot of PC RPGs, naturally, but the problem is a lot of them, yet again, are not very easy to simply pick up and play. Most of them require thorough understanding of the manual or perhaps prior knowledge of the series in general to truly appreciate the experience.
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Semi-Annoyed Videogame Nerd – Episode 2

I explain just what the fuck is wrong with Secret of Evermore…with an all new guest!


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