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FPS of the Year – 1993

While it is going to be fairly obvious who takes home the gold this year, this was the first year to actually have a lot of FPS titles, many of which are…well, at least passable. Okay, no, there wasn’t anything mind blowing this year, but it was still a decent year, all things considered. With that said, let’s hop right into it!
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FPS of the Year – 1992

So yeah, I decided to talk about 1992 after all. 1992 is a year you should familiarize yourself with when it comes to gaming. Sure, there were a lot of cool things going on in the console world, but the PC gaming market was especially interesting. I already briefly went over Terminator 2029 and Gun Buster, so let’s go over what ELSE came out this year.
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RPG of the Year – 1992

This time around I noticed there are more console titles and the SNES especially is getting a good start. Unfortunately, most of those titles don’t belong on a top 5 list. Sure, games like Mystic Quest and Soul Blazer are fun, but out of all the rest? Ha, no. Not too surprisingly, there are a lot of great PC RPGs this time around, making it pretty hard to call it in some cases. There are 22 titles this time, so let’s hop into it!
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