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Backloggiversary! What The Hell Is That?

3 years ago today, I came upon a site called Backloggery. It’s a site where you can post games you’re playing, that you’ve beaten, that you own, and so on. It’s meant as a place to help motivate you into finishing everything you have as well as brag about your own personal accolades. You can even put in comments, ratings for games, make note your achievement points, and so on.

In celebration of this, I’m going to kind of pimp out what I’ve been playing in order of most frequently updated to least. And don’t forget, as I usually do, there are youtube links embedded in the pics. Enjoy!
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RPG of the Year – 1990

It occurred to me while writing my article way way back about how I’ll remember Final Fantasy that it probably wasn’t fair to leave out so many great RPGs. Then I realized, if I did that, goddamn that would have been a ridiculously long article. Then again, it was already pretty long, so why not figure out which were the BEST. Yes, I realize this would be in my opinion, but at the very least I can highlight them, give a top 5 for the year, and the runner ups.
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