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The Great Steam Roundup – Episode 2

Yup, I decided to do another. This time I decided to throw in only games that I would recommend, but I’m thinking if I do another that I might have to throw in games that I seriously would not recommend to anybody ever. All the same, let’s think positive!
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The Fantastic World of Japanese Games – Episode 3

Far too often a game simply won’t be released in America because…well, it’s predecessor failed. Now for me, this is never acceptable, but I do understand. If a game has a huge following in Japan AND it’s an RPG, but it doesn’t really take off in America, they’re more likely to continue the series in Japan, but pretty much avoid America. Today I’m going to highlight three of my favorites. Even more interestingly, the three predecessors that apparently didn’t do well are games I actually really like, too.
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RPG of the Year – 1991

This was actually a tough year for me to choose through games. There were a lot of PC RPGs, naturally, but the problem is a lot of them, yet again, are not very easy to simply pick up and play. Most of them require thorough understanding of the manual or perhaps prior knowledge of the series in general to truly appreciate the experience.
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