This is the home of Gun Sage, gamer since 1987, blogger since 2004, computer science graduate since 2007.  I write about a variety of things, predominantly videogames.  Keep in mind that I swear like a sailor and speak my mind, so if you’re offended, I apologize in advance, but you may want to look elsewhere if this isn’t really your thing.  If you’re a gamer, you’re looking for something random, or you’ve heard about me from elsewhere, feel free to take a look!

3 responses to “About

  1. Final Fantasy 13-3 is due out next year… I’m sure you have thoughts on this. (I still haven’t finished the second one!)
    Oh! And I just saw a trailer for Fable 4!

    • I’ve heard 13-2 is far superior to the original, but honestly, it just looks like Kingdom Hearts. The fact that they’re really drawing this out feels more like a sign of desperation and denial. It’s cool that they’re doing a Fable 4, but without Molyneaux, I’m not really sure how the design process is going to work.

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