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Who Can Go Suck It – Seagull Hippies

This is going to take a bit of explanation, but here goes. I live near the Great Southern Shopping Center in Ohio, which is on High Street in a fairly rough area, though I wouldn’t say it was necessarily that “tough,” just kinda ghetto. Over the past 7 years or so, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: there have been more and more seagulls around getting run over, gathering in flocks, shitting on everything, picking through trash, and so on.
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General Overview

Is it worth dying, dying, and dying again for a grand action/adventure of epic proportions? That’s what developer Nigoro set out to found out. A remake of the 2005 cult classic, La-Mulana is everything an oldschool action/adventure title should be down to its very core. It also helps that the music is pretty badass, too.
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Leisure Suit Larry Series

For a number of years my brother and I had a regular babysitter. Such a demeaning phrase…”babysitter.” But I didn’t mind; the babysitter had two kids roughly our age that were pretty awesome and also gamers, so it was all good. They also had a pimpin’ computer that was running both Monkey Island and Leisure Suit Larry. Guess which one I got to play? That’s right: neither.
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